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On Friday, May 20th Variety celebrated its 80th anniversary with a party at the Philadelphia Zoo.


On Friday, May 20, 2016, Variety held a very special event at the Philadelphia Zoo.  From 6 – 10 p.m., the zoo closed its doors to the general public and allowed Variety exclusive access to its exhibits and facilities.

The main component of the event was a VIP reception at Peacock Pavilion.  This reception featured a brief presentation by Variety, along with music, dinner, and an open bar.  Additionally, guests were welcomed to explore the entire zoo during a time when it would typically be closed.

Variety also offered an alternate way to experience the VIP reception at Peacock Pavilion, for the type of people that enjoyed standing around a high top table, sharing cocktails with new friends they’ve just met.  Music, dinner, and an open bar were included, and guests were welcomed to explore the entire zoo.

Beyond the VIP reception, this event also provided one of our signature, “Variety at Play” experiences to families of children with disabilities.  This allowed them to explore the zoo in an atmosphere which was much less crowded. It also enabled them to see some animals that are typically asleep during regular business hours.


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