What We Do

After School Vocational Club

The Vocational Club meets every Tuesday and Thursday during the school year from 3:00PM to 6:00PM!

This program is designed to teach and maintain job readiness skills with a focus on fun and social development for students age 14 to 22 years old. Individuals in the Vocational Club strengthen these skills through participating in a “Treat of the Month” club. They essentially “run” a business run from start to finish with oversight of Variety staff. Each month, students make, portion, package and fulfill Treat of the Month orders that have been placed!  Students also have the opportunity to make and sell hand-crafted items to the public at Variety’s holiday and spring bazaars.

Daily activities include social games, chores, baking or craft activities, pre-vocational round-robin activities, and movement activities

Vocational Club Brochure

Cost of the Vocational Club: $30/day if you come both days per week, $40/day if you only come to one of the days per week.

Contact Jean Merkl at jean.merkl@varietyphila.org or (610) – 584 – 4366 x 201 to register.

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