Independent Living Intensive Program

Independent Living Intensive (I.L.I) will take place throughout the school year on weekends for young adults with developmental disabilities who hope to live independently or semi-independently as adults.

The Independent Living Intensive (I.L.I.) will focus on improving skills related to independent living by providing lessons, games, hands-on learning opportunities and trips into the community in a supportive and inclusive environment. The program is run by an enthusiastic, dedicated, and caring staff who are trained to provide assistance in a manner that promotes independence while giving nurturing and positive support.

Program activities include:

• Focused lessons and skill games concerning meal preparation, healthy diets, food storage, cleaning and organization, and budget and money handling

• Food preparation and meal planning

• Social skills lessons concerning community interactions, cooperation with roommates, and personal advocacy

• Going out to lunch with group

• Preparing and enjoying closing luncheon with family and friends

Here is the scheduled weekends for the I.L.I. program:

  • October 28th-30th
  • 2016 December 9th-11th
  • 2016 March 24th-26th
  • 2017 May 19th-21st, 2017

Click here to view the I.L.I. brochure.

For more information contact Heather Johnson at 610-584-4366 ex.230 or

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