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Summer Vocational Programs

Variety’s Vocational Program is designed to teach job readiness skills and socialization to children with developmental disabilities in the "transition ages" of 16 to 21 years old. All programs are seven weeks long. Students must participate in all seven weeks.

Introductory Vocational Program

  • Program is limited to 30 students with a 2:5 ratio
  • Students participate in camp operations in six different areas-  snack bar, gardening/greenhouse, kitchen, woodworking, cleaning/manufacturing, outside/clerical
  • Emphasis is on career exploration, building soft skills, developing work-related behaviors, working cooperatively with others, work/community social skills, and workplace independence

Culinary Skills Class

  • Program is limited to 5 students
  • Students must be able to work independently in a group and have mastered soft skills
  • Emphasis is on increasing culinary skills, finding tasks suited to each individual and functioning in a work environment
  • Curriculum includes: introduction, safety skills, accurate measuring and recipes, cooking techniques, baking techniques, simple assembly meals, cakes, cookies and cupcakes
  • Students sell breakfast bar and bakery items and conduct a weekly sandwich sale

Jobs at Camp

  • Students apply/interview for available positions (including kitchen assistant, housekeeping assistant and maintenance worker) individualized for that student based on skills and interests
  • Students must have completed the Introductory Program to be considered for the “Jobs at Camp” positions
  • Students must be able to function independently with daily check-ins with boss and job coach.
  • A stipend will be paid to the student for his/her seasonal work

For assistance or more information, please contact Jean Merkl at: (610) 584-4366, Ext 201

Acceptance is conditional upon a student interview, completion of vocational assessment information, and funding approval by the School District and/or deposit.

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