In-Kind Donations

In-Kind Donations

Running an 80-acre property takes a lot of work and we could always use additional resources. Below are some items that would go a long way in helping us in our mission to build independence and self-confidence in youth with disabilities. Any contribution is appreciated and this list will be updated as necessary.

If you are interested in donating an in-kind gift, you can contact Kristin Podwojski at

Administration Needs:
USB Flash Drives
Cork Boards
Curtains for Dining Hall and Admin Building
Curtain Rods
Water Dispenser – Compatible with 5 gallon Water Jugs
Water Bottles
Security Cameras with a Security System
Office Desk
Wet Floor Sign
Electrician Service Hours
Large Plastic Containers with secured lids (not cardboard boxes) for office supplies and kitchen
Dustbuster/Hand Vacuum
Vacuums and Vacuum Bags
Dustpan and Brush
Office Supplies
Cleaning Products (such as Lysol Wipes)
Small Office Table and Chairs
Rugs for Office
Cork Boards
Computers (Desktop)
First Aid Kits
Metal Forks
Metal Spoons
Pots and Pans
Hole Punchers
Laptop Privacy Screen
Phone Cords
Laminator Machine
Keychain Labels – to sort keys
Office Supplies – Organizer
New Employee Mailbox Slots with a Lock

Equipment Needs:
John Deere Gator Utility Vehicle – Gas Powered
Gas Powered Zero Turn Grass Mower – 60 inches or greater
750 or 850 Series type Bobcat Skid Steer
MT50 or MT55 Series walk behind Bobcat
Commercial Grade Gas Powered Leaf Shredder

Greenhouse Needs:
Philips F32T8/Plant & Aquarium Florescent bulbs
4ft double bulb light fixtures are needed/need to have clear plastic protective covers
12 to 20 yards of top soil delivered to camp
4 to 6 bags of Grass seed
Del-Val mixture for our area
20 to 100 forsythia starts
6 to 12 Apple and Pear Tree starts
Watering bags which attach to new trees when planted
Philips T8 32 watt, 48 inch daylight alto fluorescent bulbs

Facilities Supplies:
Filing Cabinets with locks
Security Cameras with a Security System
Wet Floor Signs
Gym Double Doors
Roofers Service Hours to fix roof in gym
Floor Tile Remodelers
Large Carport
Air Conditioners
New Toilets – White
Modified stones delivered to camp
Top soil delivered to camp
Grass seed
Del-Val Moisture for facilities area
Forsythia starts
Apple and Pear trees
Watering bags which attach to new trees when planted
Paper towels
Bags of Clean River Pebbles
Bags of Clean Dirt

Pool Needs:
Pool Cleaning Supplies
Pool Deck Chairs
Pool Umbrellas
Pool Vacuum
Pool Vacuum Tube
Tennis Ball Machine

Kitchen Needs:
Kitchen Aid professional series 6 qt. Stand mixer (with following attachments: flex edge beater, beater blade, white coated beater).

Art Needs:
Art Drawing Paper: 8.5 x 11 and 11 x 17
Art Watercolor paper- 9 x 12, 11 x 15, 18 x 24
Art Printmaking paper- 5 x7, 8×10
Construction Paper
Gallons of Glue
Gallons of Tempera Glue

Computer Server (less than 2 years old)
Carton(s) of copy paper (20 lb 98 brightness)
4 drawer file cabinet
Managed IT Services