In celebration of Harry’s passion for Variety and unbounded optimism, energy and dedication, Variety has established the Harry Giordano Legacy Fund to support the areas of greatest need.
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  • Dominique Bernardo says:

    Harry brought joy to work so that it didn’t feel like “work”. He generated enthusiasm for our mission and really cared to do right by our Variety kids. His language of love was gift giving, and he gave generously and thoughtfully of himself as well. We miss him tremendously and promise to honor his legacy ongoing! I feel a hole in my life from his absence but am grateful for having the honor to work with him – I am a better person from knowing him.

  • Deanne Riley-Giddins says:

    The moment I met Harry he made me feel like we had known each other forever. He was always kind, caring, full of laughter and it was never a dull moment while in his presence. His drive and dedication to Variety was something I truly admired. He will be missed❤️
    #gonebutneverforgotten #mrvariety

  • Elizabeth Dawes says:

    Though I had only worked with Harry a handful of times while volunteering with the Young Variety Council he was extremely kind, generous, warm, hilarious and gregarious. He was inspiring and welcoming and really showed passion and love for his work and for Variety. He seemed to live life to the fullest and his presence will be sorely missed.

  • Jared Fenton says:

    Making the world a better place was Harry’s purpose, to which he dedicated himself wholly. Harry made others feel like family and always was there to help. While life will not be the same without him, Harry’s legacy lives on through the countless lives he changed personally and professionally, including my own.

  • Joseph Sulpizio says:

    I’ve had the pleasure/honor of getting to know Harry over the past 4 years through his amazing and tireless work with Variety. He was such a wonderful person and there are few people I’ve EVER met that had his level of charisma and kindness. He was one of a kind and will be greatly missed.

  • Tammy Gaul says:

    Harry’s enthusiasm was infectious. He was a powerhouse of action and his passion for the work he was doing at Variety Club was known to anyone that met him. He was an inspiration to the staff and volunteers at Variety Club. I am grateful to Harry for all his support and being a role model for everyone that knew him. We will miss Harry greatly as we continue to support Variety Club.

  • Ami Profeta says:

    Harry was a great asset to Variety. He would gift wrap during holiday time. I will never forget how he made my dedication so special to honor me.

  • Sesame Place says:

    The Sesame Place Team is truly sorry to hear of Harry’s passing. We want to express our most sincere sympathies to the Variety Team during this difficult time. Harry was truly a joy and pleasure to work with. His warmth, enthusiasm and dedication will be greatly missed. Harry brought a smile to the face of everyone he crossed paths with.
    Nothing can replace the amazing person Harry was.

    With sincere sympathy,
    Your Friends at Sesame Place

  • Lisa DeGori says:

    Harry was a force of nature. His infectious energy and enthusiasm was only surpassed by his generosity. Harry is missed today, he will be missed tomorrow and every day I step onto Variety’s campus.

  • Jim Bowman says:

    Harry was one of the funniest, hyper, fairest people I had the honor of calling a friend and customer.. His mind was always on the move. We used to joke how we were both ” a little off the wall” LOL
    I go back with him for many years and will always have a place in my heart for “Good Guy” Harry G.
    Miss you buddy!!!!!!!!!


    So what do I say about Harry Giordano that many others probably have already said? Harry was a great friend to me when I met him many years ago. I had known sister throughout my high school years growing up in the same neighborhood. A friend of mine had a younger brother who was stricken with cancer. This family was like my family. So much so that we are still close to this day then consider each other brothers. A walk was developed in his name. His name was Sean Conroy. Being on the development and planning committee for this walk. I met this man named Harry. One day sitting telling stories about hanging out with certain friends. I guess one of those story sounded very familiar to Harry. He then realizes that I was talking about his sister and her friends and my friends all hanging out. Well that developed a long and close friendship between Harry and myself. Weather is doing events for him for his fundraising job at the time or it was just a phone call where he would proudly say well hi brother how are you and when are we going to meet up for lunch? We would have conversations about everything and anything. I am super glad that those conversations took place. He often said that I was the brother that he never had. I never knew what an honor that was until he was no longer here. Harry gave everything he had to everyone. He would do so much for you if you were his friend. He put his heart and soul into his work. He truly found his calling when he came to the Variety Club. I was really glad that he found a home at the Variety Club.

  • Rosetta Rambo says:

    I was introduced to Harry through working to fund raise for City of Hope.
    Always upbeat and devoted to helping to make someone’s life better, he jumped right in to whatever he could do. I remember his purchasing 2 or 3 hoagies…2 to pass along to homeless individuals and 1 (maybe) for himself. He was passionate about everything he did and about whom he met. Although he is sorely missed, his upbeat and caring personality is remembered by many.