Frequently asked questions.

How do I get my child signed up in Variety:
First you must fill out the Application for Enrollment. This is a general form that sets you up as a Variety Family in our system. Once they have been entered, parents will be contacted at the email address they provide on the Application with their child’s ID Number. This number can then be used to sign up for programs, events, and make it easier to find later for any edit or update to information given prior.

What Programs do you offer and what are their fees?
Variety offers just that, a variety of programs for all ranges of disabilities for ages 5-25. Please see our Programs page for more information and specialized fees for the Program best suited for your child and schedule.

My Child is younger than 5, what is available for my family?
Although Programs start at age 5, All families are encouraged to fill out an Application for Enrollment This way, when they turn 5, they will be all set in our system. We also allow families with a child younger than 5 to attend our Specialized Events and Fundraisers!

Do you offer Scholarships or Financial Aid?
Yes, Variety does offer some limited partial financial aid and scholarship opportunities. Please fill out a Scholarship Application on UltraCamp to apply. Applications must be sent in prior to due date to be considered for what is available.

We loved Sesame Place!
That’s wonderful! Did you also know that Variety offers so many more exciting Events and Programs for our families?