News / 07/26/2016

John Brown Book Signing

For 44 years John Brown was an influential voice in Philadelphia radio. He was named Philadelphia’s Best Traffic Reporter on 4 separate occasions, and Best Weathercaster twice. He also was awarded the Philadelphia Milestone in Radio for over 30 years of contributions to the radio arts in Philadelphia.

In addition to all his radio accolades, John Brown is a recipient of the Variety Club Lifetime Achievement Award. John spent many years as a Variety Club camper and in his book Why Not? Conquering the Road Less Travelled, he speaks fondly of all the great experiences he had while attending the camp. On Friday July 29th, John revisited the camp he loves so much to hold a book signing at our 17th annual Sunshine Games. A portion of the proceeds from every book sold went to Variety to help support our cause.

His Cerebral Palsy caused him numerous hardships in his life, but that did not stop him from achieving any of his goals. His story of success should inspire anyone to never let any kind of disability stop them for accomplishing whatever they want to do in life.

To read part of the first chapter including the forward and Acknowledgements follow this link: Why Not? Conquering the Road Less Travelled.

You can also learn more about our Sunshine Games here: 17th Annual Sunshine Games

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