News / 03/05/2018

Visit Vegas In Your Own Backyard

In 2016 alone 43 million packed their bags and visited the tourism capitol of the US: Las Vegas. This is nothing new for one of the most popular tourist destinations in the whole country. In fact, an average of roughly 38 million people every year visit Las Vegas. With so much to do, there’s no surprise tens of millions of people decide to visit the playground in the desert.

While tourists have their own distinct reasons for visiting, there are three specific attractions that draw people all over the world to Las Vegas. The live entertainment, the gambling, and the celebrities are three of the most popular reasons people flock to this exciting city. If you want to experience everything Vegas has to offer, but don’t feel like travelling across the country, we have good news; Variety has found a way to offer our own version of Vegas right here in the Montgomery County!

Everywhere you go in Vegas there is a chance to see some form of live entertainment. From the famous performers at the House of Blues to the impressive street performers there is always a show happening somewhere. Vegas at Variety will be no different. A live DJ, photo mirror, and a special guest performer will all be available to entertain every guest in attendance.

The vast show opportunities are a nice bonus, but the city of Las Vegas was built on gambling. As the strip developed and more and more lavish casinos were built, more and more people came to try their luck. Do you like trying to bluff everyone at the table? We have card games such as poker and blackjack. Maybe you like to see the wheel spin around and around until it lands on your number? We have various gaming wheels available. Never tried gaming before? No worries, our friendly guest dealers will help even the most novice player learn the ropes. From the pro card sharks to the first-timers everyone is sure to have a great time vying for the chance to cash in chips for the chance to win fabulous prizes.

What’s better than winning a hand of blackjack? Winning a hand of blackjack next to an A-list celebrity. George Clooney, Rihanna, Jay-Z, Katie Couric, Bradley Cooper, Michael Jordan, and even Bill Gates are only a few of the names that have been known to frequent Las Vegas. However, we have two celebrities more important than all these actors, singers, and multi-billionaries. We will be honoring our 2018 Aces of Variety and longtime Variety alumnae: Katie Spencer & Marialyce Ibach. Katie and Marialyce have participated in countless programs, attended loads of events, and continue to be involved in our alumni program to this day. We couldn’t think of two better people to celebrate on this joyous occasion.

While we may not have 38 million in attendance, we think our Vegas at Variety event will be more than comparable to actually taking a flight to Nevada. It will feel just like you’re on the strip! Come to the Montgomery County Community College in College Hall on March 24 to experience it for yourself!


by Matt Gregory