What We Do

After School Program at Widener Memorial School

Widener Memorial School – Ages 7-21
1450 West Olney Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19141

  • Academic Enrichment
  • Variety’s experienced instructors conduct academic enrichment through project-based lessons and peer mentor modeling
  • Specific Programs that take place throughout the year
    • Right.Now – This is a federally funded nutrition education program. It provides monthly nutrition education for the children and assists Widener staff in creating new instructional methods.
    • Culinary lessons – Teaching the children how to prepare and cook healthy foods. Over the course of eight lessons, students receive instruction in food knowledge, nutritional value and how to prepare and cook food.
    • Wheel Chair Basketball – Variety’s After School Program at Widener exposes students with physical disabilities to basketball. An experienced wheelchair basketball instructor leads students in engaging and weekly competitive games.
    • Dance/Movement Therapy – A professional in the field will teach students the fluid movements of dance, which is therapeutic and fun for the students.
    • Got Veggies? A Gardening and Vocational Program
      • A new initiative for Variety will bring children from our Philadelphia After School Program to our camp in Montgomery County. Students will nurture an interest in growing and eating fresh fruits and vegetables, working in the garden and children will gain an opportunity to learn about nutrition first-hand as they plant, tend, and harvest their own food. The children will then share their experiences and learn more in the Healthy Living Curriculum at the Widener Afterschool program sessions.
    • A minimum of 1 to 5, staff to student ratio