Socialization Saturdays

A fun club for students ages 14-22 to enhance social and life skills.


This program is designed to teach social and life skills to students ages 14-22 while giving them an opportunity to practice real life situations in the community. All Saturday Socials include practicing social skills, money skills, body language, tone of voice, situational appropriateness. Both Fall and Spring sessions run from 9am-3pm.

Pre-Talks & Post-Talks:

Before leaving for the activity location, we will discuss the agenda and expectations of learning for the day. At the end of the activity, we will return to Variety and discuss what we learned, what kinds of jobs/social interactions were seen at each activity, what kind of skills each job required, and would it be something the students could see themselves doing and/or skills they have or would like to learn.

Fees – $400 per session (4 Saturdays)

Fee includes: Staffing, lunch, activity fees and admissions, transportation to program activities from Variety, and all costs associated with scheduled program activities. 



Dates TBD


Dates TBD

For more information, please contact Jessica Smith at