What We Do

Weekend Retreats

Variety’s Weekend Retreat program is a fun filled educational experience open to children and young adults ages 7-21 with a developmental and/or physical disability.

The retreat offers a wide variety of activities that help the child work on increasing his/her independence, find new interests and build new and maintain friendships in an inclusive environment.

Our goal is to have each camper leave us one step closer to independence and with increased self-confidence.  Variety prides itself on being one of the only programs in the area capable of providing this experience for campers who need assistance with all levels of personal care, from those who require minimal assistance to those who require feeding tube, catheter care, and those who have seizure disorders and shunts. Variety’s experienced counselors and nursing staff are able to accommodate almost any need.

Program Components:

  • Campers are grouped in cabins by gender and age. Campers are grouped in activity teams during the day by age to promote strong peer relationships.
  • Teams and Cabins are staffed at 2:1-3:1 ratio, dependent on the needs of group to provide support while encouraging independence. 1:1 support is available for those who require extra assistance for success.
  • Focus on improving social skills in a natural, inclusive, and accepting environment by jumping on teachable moments and consistent positive reinforcement.
  • Develop independence by meeting the camper at their individual level and engaging and practicing activities of daily living skills.
  • Improve self-confidence by trying new activities and expanding on existing skills.
  • Enhance quality of life by engaging in adapted, inclusive programming that promotes teamwork, creativity, fine and gross motor skills, and mental and physical health.
  • Activities at Weekend Retreats include Music Therapy, Arts and Crafts, Ceramics, Dance Instruction, Cooking, Gardening, Science and Nature, Adaptive Sports, Social Dances, Special Events, and much more!


TBD for Fall 2020.

Weekend Retreats begin Friday at 7pm and end Sunday at 11am. The cost of one Weekend Retreat is $375, those who require a 1:1 incur an additional cost of $137.50. Variety can also arrange payment plans.

If you have any questions regarding this program, please contact Jessica Smith at Jessica.Smith@varietyphila.org.