Assistant Teacher

Assistant Teacher

Assistant Teachers in the ESY classroom work at the direction of the certified special education teacher to support student participation, overall success, and well-being. Assistant Teachers aid in the facilitation of services and supports, designed for each student, under the provisions of their IEP (Individual Education Plan).

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Implement student IEP goals under the direction of special education teacher
  2. Support special education teacher in recording data and progress monitoring
  3. Implement behavioral plans and positive supports for students as necessary
  4. Assist students in all aspects of daily programming including, but not limited to: social, academic, behavioral, and personal care growth and development
  5. Assist in the direct supervision of children in the assigned program as directed by the teacher or supervisors (e.g. bussing, classroom assignments, lunch, pool, etc.)
  6. Design and facilitate daily 30 minute whole-group enrichment activities for students in classroom
  7. Model and maintain appropriate behavioral expectations across all environments, including but not limited to: conversation and social engagement, clean-up and self-care activities, listening, and everyday interactions for the purpose of demonstrating appropriate social behavior in a culturally sensitive manner.
  8. Ensure the safety and well-being of all students within the classroom.
  9. Maintain cleanly classroom equipment and work area.
  10. Respond to emergency situations for the purpose of resolving immediate safety concerns and/or directing to appropriate personnel for resolution.
  11. Perform other related duties as assigned for the purpose of ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of classroom function.

Working Conditions: Educational and Recreational atmosphere, in both indoor and outdoor settings.  Exposure to body fluids, noises, and disagreeable odors.

Physical Conditions: Work type varies with short periods of standing, walking, moving, swimming, and light to moderate lifting.


  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Experience working with people with disabilities desired
  • Knowledge of behavioral modification strategies and positive supports strongly desired
  • Knowledge of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) based interventions preferred
  • The successful candidate will have excellent communication, organizational and collaboration skills, and demonstrated ability to build relationships with students, staff, and parents. They are passionate, creative, and flexible!d

Supervisor:    Director of Extended School Year Program

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